Big Spaceship: A Ping Pong Proposal

August 25, 2008

How to Get a Ping Pong Table at Your Office

Ping Pong Efficiency

We wanted a ping pong table at Big Spaceship. Founder and CEO Michael Lebowitz had two admittedly justifiable concerns:

1. Space. The green screen room had plenty, but it was at times needed for projects.
2. Noise. Ping Pong players can get rather rowdy. Plus we already had dogs, foosball, video games, etc. and were not lacking in entertainment.

When our request fell on deaf ears, I created a job application from the viewpoint of Mr. Ping Pong Ball.

Mr. Ping Pong Ball's Resume

He was qualified, intelligent, and tactical. The proposal outlined his many benefits and detailed how he would overcome concerns.

Ping Pong SWOT Analysis

He confronted the chief obstacles head-on, beginning with space.

Ping Pong Makes Space Affordable

We recommended building a noise meter to keep the shouting in check.

Ping Pong Noise Meter

The letter of recommendation from Nolan Bushnell didn’t hurt his chances.

Atari Recommends Ping Pong

As for the verdict? We won! The proposal met with success. Soon after submitting the application, Mr. Ping Pong Ball arrived at Big Spaceship, alongside his accoutrements in the form of paddles and a 9×5’ table. It has since handled thousands of games and went on to declare the victor of a tournament between Big Spaceship and Firstborn.