The Story of QOO Rabbit

June 11, 2010 | add comment

This is the story of Qoo Rabbit, which I wrote for my friend Ayaka Ito. Her Weekly Tea Story project allows you to enjoy a daily moment of relaxation and humor. For each day of the week, she designed adorable tea bag holders containing: tea (of course), a story card, and an accompanying charm. The tale is told over seven days.

Monday’s tea
When I woke up this morning, I decided to surprise my mum with a special cup of tea. My name is Qoo Rabbit.

Tuesday’s tea
I tiptoed into the garden and picked some farfigberry flowers. Those are her favorite, especially the pink ones.

Wednesday’s tea
Then I put the kettle on the stove and climbed onto a loaf of bread so I could reach the fancy teacups.

Thursday’s tea
Mum was still asleep when the kettle whistled. When I added the tea leaves, they smelled like honeysuckle gumdrops!

Friday’s tea
I took the cup and saucer upstairs. But on the top step, I tripped over my little brother’s toy gun.

Saturday’s tea
The tea spilled everywhere. So I cried. Mum looked down and said, “Dear Qoo, don’t you know the glass is half full?”

Sunday’s tea
I said, “But there isn’t one drop left in that teacup!” She just smiled and made me butterscotch pancakes.

In closing…I hope you enjoy meeting Qoo Rabbit, since she will likely resurface. As for her name, I wanted to draw from Japanese culture, so I went with the most amazing apple juice ever to grace Japanese vending machines.

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