midwest airlines merges, mathematically

October 6, 2010 | 2 comments

Midwest Airlines is disappearing into the folds of Frontier Airlines. The first sign of this merger was an audible one: the flight attendants’ accent. Good bye familiar, nasel-ridden midwestern voices. Hello news anchor sounds of no known origin.

As a Milwaukee native, I found this change jarring. But the worst was yet to come, as displayed below in my calculation of the brand acquisition:

The equation, broken down, looks something like this.

Step 1: You take the blue Midwest Airlines logo and mix it with yellow, resulting in Frontier’s green color scheme.

Step 2: Multiply the scenario by half a dozen frisky animals (like Larry the Lynx and Flip the Dolphin), imperative to Frontier’s branding and fleet of air carriers.

Step 3: Delete half the cookies and take away their warmth. To explain…Midwest Airlines is known for its signature “baked on board” chocolate chip cookies. Every customer receives two, with melting morsels aplenty. But on a recent Frontier flight, I received one lone cookie—and it was straight out of the cooler. So Frontier has cut the supply in half and ditched the easy bake oven, at least for now. A recent tweet from @MidwestAirlines promises to reintroduce the warm cookies soon.

Fingers crossed.

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