superfine fundraiser for japan

April 12, 2011 | add comment

UPDATE: Congratulations and thank you, people and patrons of Superfine on raising $775 for Habitat!

Superfine Fundraiser & Silent Auction for Japan
Thursday, April 14 @ 7pm
126 Front Street in DUMBO

Hey. You there. Heed the info above and frolic down to SUPERFINE this Thursday. All donations and auction proceeds will go to Habitat for Humanity International, specifically their Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster Response efforts. Below are some of the goodies that’ll be on the bidding block.

Thanks to the following businesses and indie designers for their donations:

There will also be a donations bucket and a few drink specials, thanks to Superfine.

I have some extended family who grew up and live in Sendai and would love for you to open your coin purse for them and their neighbors. For those who know me beyond the digital landscape, I’m moving to San Francisco in a couple of weeks so consider this a fond farewell too.

Say you’ll be there. ♥

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