the quest for yum

October 24, 2011

Project: The Quest for Yum!
Client: Plum Organics
Agency: Odopod
Role: Scriptwriter/Copywriter

In a world of Yuck and Yum, one baby will choose between good and bland in search of the best bananas, the sweetest peas, and berries so blue. Join baby on…The Quest for Yum! Odopod developed this video alongside Plum Organics, to deliver on their mission of defending Baby’s taste buds. Goodbye beige and bland, hello yum.

Odopod also worked with Plum to launch a Facebook caption contest. Parents and Plum fans submitted photos, wrote captions, and voted on the wittiest words. I developed contest copy, social media, and banners to drive moms to the contest and expand its reach—all while further defining Plum’s voice, which, as you might guess, is a bit saucy.