nurun: designing for tomorrow

October 21, 2014 | add comment

Project: Nurun Site Redesign
Client: Nurun (i.e. ourselves)
Role: Content Strategist, Copywriter



Not long after I joined Odopod, it was acquired and became Nurun, joining ten other offices worldwide. The move was a catalyst for some big changes Odopod wanted to make—namely, taking on larger, more complex problems and working on a global scale.

Our office in San Francisco took the lead in redesigning the Nurun website so that it reflected our positioning and outlook: We create products and services for a connected world. I created much of the site content—detailing everything from our human-centered design process to select case studies to, my favorite, our “7 Rules to Work By.”

Along the way, I made sure that the voice was unified and transparent. The result is a smart, honest, and responsive site.

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