about me

Hello, my name is Jessica (Jecca) Berta. Words enable me to educate fools, challenge beliefs, and incite laughter.

I am the Director of Copy at Odopod, a digital agency in San Francisco. Recent projects and clients include Nest, Fitbit, Tesla, Genentech and Google.

Practiced in feature writing, digital marketing, content strategy, social media, and story telling, I have ten years of experience in communications. Prior to heading west, I worked in Brooklyn at Big Spaceship on GE, Chanel, Skittles, and A&E. My freelance portfolio includes work with BBH New YorkWieden+Kennedy and Everpix.

A believer in doing well by doing good. I’m a volunteer at 826 Valencia and began my career working for United Way and The Ad Council—affecting social change alongside McGruff the Crime Dog. I studied journalism and communications at the University of Wisconsin and consider myself a wry optimist.

To get in touch, email me: jberta @ gmail.com.