Hawaiian Airlines

August 17, 2017 | add comment

Project: Hawaiian Airlines Redesign
Client: Hawaiian Airlines
Agency: Odopod
Role: Director of Copy

In our redesign of
HawaiianAirlines.com, we took an initial goal of selling airline tickets and expanded that into something much more experiential— planning a Hawaiian getaway. A seamless journey enables travelers to create custom vacations as they move through the site.

We helped translate Hawaiian’s business strategy into a design strategy, baking customization into the process. As individuals book flights, they’re presented with relevant options such as hotels and transportation. The flow enables them to create personalized getaway packages. An Island Guide lets visitors gain a sense of Hawaii’s magic (thanks to the company’s unrivaled knowledge of Hawaii). Visitors can explore the happenings of individual islands, gathering ideas as they plan their adventures.

My role on this project was
to demonstrate to the client how content can support and help achieve their larger site goals of guiding customers and reinforcing the brand. I created a Content Style Guide covering content strategy, voice and tone, storytelling guidelines, social media, sample copy, etc. For a more detailed look at the project, see Odopod’s case study (which I also wrote).

Fitbit: Get Up and Go

October 30, 2012

Project: Fitbit Site Redesign
Client: Fitbit
Agency: Odopod
Role: Content Strategist, Copywriter



Fitbit is a set of activity trackers, devices, and apps that give you the upper hand on healthier living. How? By turning small steps into sizable changes. When redesigning the fitbit.com site, I worked closely with a visual design team to introduce the Fitbit platform.

In addition to creating consistency across visual design and voice, we crafted a system to introduce new products, including the Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale – the product page demonstrates how it works, helping you gain insights and take control of your weight by focusing on long-term trends instead of short-term blips (hello, coconut cream pie).

Nest: The Learning Thermostat

November 5, 2011

Project: Nest Site & Product Launch
Client: Nest
Agency: Odopod
Role: Copywriter, Strategist

To get people to invest in Nest, we had to convince them to care about thermostats. And for good reason. Heating and A/C represent the lion’s share of home energy use – nearly 50%. It didn’t hurt that this one was being designed by Tony Fadell’s team.

Next, it was a matter of explaining why Nest is smarter than any thermostat on the market. It learns from you and programs itself. It has the ability to save you energy and money. Win win.

I worked with a strategist to come up with the content architecture for the site. From there, I wrote the majority of copy and honed the Nest voice in the process. It resulted in a combination of storytelling, infographics, and consumer-driven features, all of which demonstrate what it’s like living with Nest and why it’s such an effective device.

Google Chrome & Virgin America Holiday Wifi

December 1, 2010

Project: Holiday Wifi with Virgin America
Client: Google Labs
Agency: BBH
Role: Scriptwriter

Thanks to Google Chrome, Virgin America passengers got to fly with free wifi during the winter holiday season. BBH was charged with promoting this offer and communicate it just before take-off. We extended the charm of Virgin’s animated in-flight safety video, bringing the gadget-toting nun into the spotlight. You can watch the video here.


August 11, 2010

Project: Healthymagination
Client: GE
Agency: Big Spaceship
Role: Content Strategist, Copywriter

GE selected Big Spaceship to define the digital presence for Healthymagination, an ongoing dialogue around better health. The agency established this effort as a shared commitment to creating better health for more people, together.

Healthymagination is a celebration of individuals and groups that are innovating the world of healthcare—by improving the patient-doctor relationship, advancing medical treatment, and transforming good health into a lifestyle. The Healthymagination ecosystem extends into media-rich stories, a blog, social media channels, data visualizations, and partnerships with WebMD, GOOD, and others.

I worked with a team of strategists to define the editorial voice for this engagement and to extend that voice onto the Healthymagination site (particularly the blog), on Facebook, and Twitter. I also created content for Morsel, an iPhone app that translates healthy behaviors into simple daily tasks. Over 20,000 Morsels were completed with the first two weeks of launch.

Lastly, I wrote a feature story exploring arts-based therapies that MoMA and others are employing to transform how we understand and treat Alzheimer’s disease. Good stuff.