the institute for human continuity

March 11, 2009

Project: The Institute for Human Continuity
Client: Sony Pictures
Agency: Big Spaceship
Role: Copywriter

To promote Sony’s 2012 blockbuster, Big Spaceship developed a long-lead marketing campaign in the form of The Institute for Human Continuity (IHC) whose mission was no small feat: To ensure the survival of the human race beyond the year 2012. The objective was to draw the audience into the film by conveying the magnitude of its presence, which the agency did by exploring the abundance of Mayan mythology and theories relating to catastrophe in 2012.

The IHC asserted with 94% certainty that “in the year 2012 cataclysmic forces will decimate our planet and much of its inhabitants.” Through interactive disaster scenarios, examinations of ancient religious prophesies, and scientific studies, the Institute became so effective a narrative concept that it not only created an extension of the storyline but also made it into the movie itself. Twitter activity, video responses and blog posts showed deep and ongoing participation. When the film premiered, it set a global opening weekend record for a non-sequel movie.

big spaceship: a ping pong proposal

August 25, 2008

Project: A Ping Pong Proposal
Agency: Big Spaceship
Role: Creator

Ping Pong Efficiency

We wanted a ping pong table at Big Spaceship. Founder and CEO Michael Lebowitz had two admittedly justifiable concerns:

1. Space. The green screen room had plenty, but it was at times needed for projects.
2. Noise. Ping Pong players can get rather rowdy. Plus we already had dogs, foosball, video games, etc.

I developed a strategic implementation plan complete with a job application from the viewpoint of Mr. Ping Pong Ball.

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in plain sight: WITSEC confidential

June 7, 2008

Project: In Plain Sight: WITSEC Confidential
Client: NBC Universal / USA Network
Agency: Big Spaceship
Role: Content Strategist, Script Writer

USA Network drama In Plain Sight offers a cagey look at life in witness protection. For the show’s premiere season, USA wanted to broaden its reach and captivate viewers by bringing them online on a regular basis. To draw the audience deep into the world of witness protection, we created a clue-filled game with plots and red herrings that extended the show. We studied the attributes of main characters Mary, Stan, and the wisecracking Marshall, building them into original storylines and allowing you to work alongside them as a fellow US Marshal. The interactive platform expanded a TV show into something far more experiential.