Hawaiian Airlines

August 17, 2017 | add comment

Project: Hawaiian Airlines Redesign
Client: Hawaiian Airlines
Agency: Odopod
Role: Director of Copy

In our redesign of
HawaiianAirlines.com, we took an initial goal of selling airline tickets and expanded that into something much more experiential— planning a Hawaiian getaway. A seamless journey enables travelers to create custom vacations as they move through the site.

We helped translate Hawaiian’s business strategy into a design strategy, baking customization into the process. As individuals book flights, they’re presented with relevant options such as hotels and transportation. The flow enables them to create personalized getaway packages. An Island Guide lets visitors gain a sense of Hawaii’s magic (thanks to the company’s unrivaled knowledge of Hawaii). Visitors can explore the happenings of individual islands, gathering ideas as they plan their adventures.

My role on this project was
to demonstrate to the client how content can support and help achieve their larger site goals of guiding customers and reinforcing the brand. I created a Content Style Guide covering content strategy, voice and tone, storytelling guidelines, social media, sample copy, etc. For a more detailed look at the project, see Odopod’s case study (which I also wrote).

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